Spring Picnic: Bette Sings More Songs (Thanks Rissa Roo & Mom)

Bette acknowledges NYRP workers:

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9 thoughts on “Spring Picnic: Bette Sings More Songs (Thanks Rissa Roo & Mom)

  1. haha way to raid mine and Leanne’s youtube page 🙂 lol ya know i love it!! if you think these are good, wait til you see Leanne’s vids that she took while she was talking to Bette im green with envy 🙂 and yet very happy for her all at once <3 and Mister D, if it wasn't for you i probably wouldn't have met Bette or any betteheads and well my life would be very incomplete if it wasnt for you <3

    1. Well you kind of gave me permission to raid yours. I haven’t heard from Leanne. And thank you so much for the kind words…. xxoo

    1. It does look like fun. I haven’t been to one of those yet…maybe I should try next year…save your money Marcos.

  2. Leanne doesn’t have any vids from the picnic yet and trust me she would love it if her stuff was featured here on blb, she won’t have her vids up for about a week cuz she isnt home yet.

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