About TSMGO ON ITunes…..Bette’s Response

I just got word that Bette is just THINKING about putting it on iTunes….it’s not a definite thing. Sometimes I wish she wouldn’t bring things up unless she were positive, but that is not to be. That’s our beloved diva! She must have her reasons.

Anyway, I wrote back and gave my best argument as to why she should release it, and yes, Marcos, I brought your point up, too. So, I would say right now, just send positive thoughts her way to “do it.” It’s time for a new live release. It would be an international hit, I think.

That’s all I have. I did what I could. I’ll check back in a couple of weeks if they don’t disown me….

Love, Mister D

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17 thoughts on “About TSMGO ON ITunes…..Bette’s Response

  1. Thank you soo much Don! I hope she decides to go ahead with this. Obviosly I’d prefer a cd/DVD release, but I’ve learnt to just take what we are given… Like you said it’s about time we had a new live release x

  2. WOW! I hadn’t seen the video yet so this was the first time I heard about it. Please say it’s true!! I mean, what’s the harm really? It’s a win-win for everyone, right? What a treat for the die-hard fans this would be!

  3. Mr. D, you are right: It would be better if The Divine One only promoted things when they’re done deals. Because sometimes our hopes are so high and then comes a disappointment.

    Of course I would also be happier with a DVD & CD combo of The Showgirl Must Go On. But, as Jonathan said “I’ve learnt to just take what we are given”. God knows I’d love to have The Divine Miss Millennium as well.

    Sometimes, I think, we will never have films, concerts and TV specials box sets as Streisand fans have. That’s not fair.

    Thanks for trying, Mr. D.

  4. I think I’ll write her a letter, first I’ll thank her for the best sweet sixteen show ever and then for the spring picnic (A.k.a. The best day of my life) and then beg her to release tsmgo on iTunes! Cuz folks you can allways burn it onto a DVD and then rip the audio into a cd if u want 🙂 and Mr.D you are my hero I love how you are in kahoots (sp.?) with Bettes people!

    1. Me too, I was really lucky Ms. Midler and I hit it off or else there would be none of these shenanigans….:-)

  5. Do it, Bette, do it!

    A lot of people couldn’t afford to make the trip to Vegas, but love Bette all the same.

  6. I hope for her True Fans who have starved to see her Shows over the years & trust me I’m one of them!!!
    I would have thought that Bette would want to capture herself & her talent on film & audio for many generations to come as the past three Live Shows have been her best & most personal & intimate.
    I for one could not to this day even believe how Amazing & personal The Divine Miss Milleniem tour was!!!
    I know that Bette may not have had all the Live Shows filmed in HQ but Barry Manilow relaesed a Video a few years ago just off the footage that the Camera Men filmed for the Giant Screens in the live shows & that to is one of the BEST Barry live DVDs to date so PLEASE MISS M, we want all you have to give Honey “PLEASE” Love Miss Orry from the UK XXX

  7. I love the fact that she just says anything she is thinking at the moment…and then changes her mind! LOL! Want predictability? Be a Madonna or Britney Spears fan, you always know what you are going to get because they have only marketing to rely on…what else would they rely on? Talent? LOL!

    I would love to have more of her work recorded, specially because if we had, we would have proof of who has started all in American Showbiz! LOL! But, then, again…she does whatever she feels like doing and STILL says whatever she feels like saying. That’s my girl…:-P

    Oh, by the way..if feel the same way she feels about box sets…when you are a fan you have every single record. I don’t own any of her BESt Of Colections…it’s a moral matter. LOL!

  8. I would give my right tit for this! And, as a man, I don’t really have tits. But I’d get implants and give the right one for it!

  9. I agree Mr. D., once Ms. Midler decides to release the TSMGO on DVD/CD it is going to be an international hit coz I remember she spent time promoting the TSMGO on most internationally known U.S. TV shows (e.g., Oprah, Ellen, Jay Leno, among others) and even on CNN so Bette fans (or should I say BetteHeads) all over the world know about it even though they had not made or could not make that trip to Vegas to watch it. Having that DVD (or CD) will give them the opportunity to own a prized Bette collection. I am pretty sure it is going to be another big hit for the Divine Miss M:). It is definitely going to be a must for every Bette collector/fan to have that TSMGO DVD, after all it is considered to be the fanciest, lavish and most expensive show of her career (to date). Wow, I am actually “salivating” just the thought of having that DVD (LOL!) Well, I can dream, can’t I:) hahaha! Seriously, I really hope Bette won’t just think about it but really release it on DVD or iTunes or wherever. I am sooo looking forward to buying it.

  10. Orry, please, don’t kill me. Don’t say how personal and wonderful The Divine Miss Millennium was. The tiny bits I’ve seen were incredible: I loved the I’m Beautiful opening with giant puppets, the Streisand look-a-like etc. The main show was in Las Vegas in the turn of the century and we don’t have a DVD of that! It’s disheartening.

    Cris, nice reading from you. But I wouldn’t say Madonna is talentless and, when I talked about box sets, I WASN’T talking about Miss M’s music albums (which I have each and everyone of them but some special appearances in other people’s records). I said concert, film and TV specials box sets. Only 2 Midler concerts are really out: Divine Madness and Diva Las Vegas. The later have been re-packaged twice in Europe: 1st as a Sight & Sound Classic Performance Live combo with CD & DVD and lastly as the special edition of The Best Bette (CD & DVD combo as well).

    So, why re-package what we already have if there’s kind of unseen material to be released?! I, for one, have Diva Las Vegas on a VHS tape, Brazilian DVD and British combo! And if I decide to buy UK’s The Best Bette, I’ll have it in yet another disc! I already know the concert by heart!!

    I want a comedy films DVD box set with tons of extra material, Miss M’s commentary on each film and interviews with her and the cast. Except James Caan, of course. I’d love a drama films box set with delicious extra material as well. Or a great big film set with all her motion pictures as they released of Marilyn Monroe’s main movies. I have most of Bette DVDs, but if they release discs with great extras, I’ll buy them no matter what. I did it with the special edition of Beaches.

    Don’t forget The Divine’s TV specials that have been out of print for a long time now. They were never out on DVD, for starters!

    Tell me what true Bettehead wouldn’t buy a DVD set with Experience The Divine (which is similar to Diva Las Vegas), The Divine Miss Millennium, Kiss My Brass and The Showgirl Must Go On! That would be heaven (Miss M should have promoted the Heaven single more. It’s such a beautiful song).

    Plus: I, who live in Brazil, sometimes, don’t have access to everything I-tunes offers in the US! So, I hope, Bette’s people think about her international fans and make the possible release an international one… Ai, ai, ai… The troubles of a Brazilian Bettehead…

    Dolly Parton fans have even a great big theme park to visit: Dollywood! Why can’t we have at least Miss M’s artistic output? That would enlarge her mark on the cultural world.


  11. I think that it would be amuzong if we could have a live dvd..or video at least… it would be nice to have this show in my tv to see it any time i want, and remember the great time that i had in Las Vegas. SO THANK YOU DON!

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