Finally…New Music Up In BLB Jukebox

New Music up in BLB jukebox. Sorry it took so long, but just got back home from vacation. Hope you enjoy!

Love, Mister D


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6 thoughts on “Finally…New Music Up In BLB Jukebox

  1. Mr. D., you deserve to take a break, enjoy yourself and take a breather from us crazy BetteHeads once in a while:) (lol!) Welcome back! and thank you so much for the new music on BLB jukebox:)

    Love always,

  2. I just listened to the wonderful collection, but I don’t know the song Does Your Mother Know About Me! That isn’t Bette singing, isn’t she?

    1. Karen: I’ll have to check tomorrow when everybody’s gone to work. I was in a stupor when putting the songs up so I might have slipped up….

    2. Karen…..that’s the Harlettes…I’ve been putting a song up each month from their only album they ever put out….I should have put their name beside the title….

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