Audio Only: Wind Beneath My Wings Ft Tupac Shakur – Dj Rossko 2010

Mister D: Sorry, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Guess I just should respect the work that went into it…what are your thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “Audio Only: Wind Beneath My Wings Ft Tupac Shakur – Dj Rossko 2010

  1. oh boy, i guess he wanted to beat 50 cent to the punch and do a Bette song first, too bad i couldn’t understand a word he said! and was that Bette? like did they just take her voice from another cd, or did she actually sing this with him if you know what i mean, i’m still not sure what i think of this, except i know that Bette’s version is unbeatable by all!!

    1. No…this is like a homemade remix or something,,,the guy rapping has been dead about 2 decades and they sped up Ms. M’s vocals a little it sounds like…not an official release.

  2. I really don’t like it! I nearly like every genre of music, but rap, HipHop, Metal and Blues have to be very very special that I can like it

  3. oh, lol as you can see i’m not up in the rap culture, i thought tupac was still alive lol. well then i think this is kinda horrible…i wonder what Bette would say if she heard this lol

    1. I thought about sending it, but I doubt if anybody would play it for her…I don’t know. Maybe I’ll send it to Bruce, but he reads BLB so if he wants he can tell her….NOT ME!

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