And On Sunday, Mister D Shall Take Off….I Think…

Mister D:

Celebrating my birthday tonight and starting to get a little tipsy (ok drunk!).  Decided I may take tomorrow off, so no posts.  Hey, how often does that happen?  So please forgive my big white ass…well, it really is still kind of little, but whatever.  Just wanted to warn ya’ll ahead of time, but, you know me….there may be something up anyway.

I’m just taking a break from some fun right now to speak to my Bettehead peeps one on one.  Thanks for a great birthday week.  I even won a pair of underpants because of you guys on that Fabulis gay site associated with Facebook….love those that voted for me.  LOL

Anyway, I’m being yelled at to get off the computer and join the party, so I must go.  See ya’ll late Sunday or early Monday. Don’t miss me too much.  As if….

Much love,

Mister D

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4 thoughts on “And On Sunday, Mister D Shall Take Off….I Think…

  1. Mr. D., of course you deserve a day off – If I were your boss, I would even make it a paid day off (lol!). Be your ‘fabulis’ self and enjoy your special day — we promise we’ll try not to bother you and not to miss you on your day off:) xoxoxoxo

    1. LOL….Thank you so much Spencer. My birthday was Wed, but I just celebrated it late….loved the video….

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