Video: Pee Wee & Carol Channing Present An Award To Bette (Thanks Stephen!)

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11 thoughts on “Video: Pee Wee & Carol Channing Present An Award To Bette (Thanks Stephen!)

  1. Thank you for this, lol, yes to bad we didn’t see the whole but its great anyway.

    isn’t Carol the same lady who, when Bette is ending with Friends in the line up, who forgets to walk of the stage?

    1. Me too….I have got to get off my butt and start going through my tapes and start converting again. I know I have that somewhere. I just have to borrow equipment to do it and I’m lazy!!!

  2. Yeah, I was laughing and smiling and excited waiting for Bette’s name to be called and hear her speech when lo and behold, it was cut:(
    Oh, Mr. D:) I will pray for that day to come when you’re no longer lazy to do it (LOL!) I will send a drink your way when you get to do that, hahaha! Thanks again;)

  3. Hahaha, Mr. D:) I know, I can understand:) You’ve done enough to make us all happy, so we can’t really ask for more:)

  4. Miss M did great considering the competition with Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd and the fantastic Whoopi Goldberg. Junpin’ Jack Flash is so much fun.

    1. She won a lot of awards that night….more than anyone else…it was definitely her night to shine….

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