Audio: September 2010 Mister D’s Playlist

Okay, ladies and germs, this month’s playlist is rather bipolar. It’s been a rough month for me health-wise and this playlist rather reflects my mood…it’s agressive, angry, sad, depressed, melancholy, hopeful, romantic, and sometimes filled with hope.

I don’t usually go out much, but this month I had the pleasure of visiting a few dance clubs and a few live music spots, so some of the music will reflect that type of music….you’ll be dancing one minute, then listening to a ballad the next, while being transported to New Orleans a few minutes later…so just be ready for a little thrill ride.

Also, be careful with whom you are listening with. There are a few songs that are definitely not appropriate for children, in fact two songs are entitled, “Fuck You” (I told you I was angry!)! So beware how you listen to this playlist.

Also, let it be known that this time, while there are some well known established artists, you’ll find a majority of these are up and comers to the music scene. Don’t let that turn you off….the music is top notch….in my humble opinion. But then again, taste is subjective to me anyway. If you don’t like it, then eat me…make your own playlist! 😉 But I do hope you enjoy as much as I struggled to get this one up…

To Listen To The Playlist: CLICK HERE

Love, Mister D

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