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Bootleg Betty And We Got Bruce To Postpone Closure To Explore Options

Dear fans and subscribers,

Hate to jerk you around, but I’ve decided to explore a couple of options before I finally decide to close down my sites. Years and years of hard work have been invested in these pages, so if I have the opportunity to save them from obscurity I might as well give it a try. I believe in the work we’ve done as a community and one lawsuit shouldn’t scare me away. I’ll just try to learn from it and move forward. If it doesn’t work then I’ll close down at the end of the year. In the meantime, it’s back to business as usual.

Love, Mister D

PS: Before you vilify me you may want to read these two articles:


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16 thoughts on “Bootleg Betty And We Got Bruce To Postpone Closure To Explore Options

  1. Wow…those Righthaven jerks make me SICK! I have to say, I’m very glad I don’t have to deal with that kind of crap anymore!

    Best of luck to you, my friend, no matter which road you take…

  2. Thank you for trying to stay,,, love this site so much that I would live here if it wouldn’t be totally mental… Glad that we won’t loose this just yet.

  3. Hey Mr D
    I can never thank you enough for all you time and hard work you’ve done over the last few years on the amazing web site.
    I’m a big Bette fan and have never seen such a well run and imformed web site. I Was gutted and mean gutted to hear you might closed down but I understand and fully suport you.
    Really hope you might be able to keep this site going.
    A big hug and kiss from UK

  4. Yaay! I am so happy that you are staying, Mr. D! I cannot tell you how much this site means to me as a Bette fan. I am in awe of your work and dedication.

    It saddened me when I read that you were closing at the end of the month and was going to send you a sappy email thanking you for all of yoru hard work, etc. Now, I can hold on it! LOL!!

    Whatever you decide in the future, please know that you have my support! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  5. Okay so I couldn’t get a post onto to the shut down notice and had to send it to your general comment site.

    Uncle Don,

    Whatever you decide to do I am all for. You have put soooo much of yourself into these two sites I am left awestruck.

    I want you to ‘live long and prosper’ (yeah so I date myself) because you and Barry and the animules deserve some quality time with each other.

    I will be a faithful follower up until the bitter end. Hang in there good buddy.

    Did I tell you that Miss V got hitched?

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