“Showgirl” To Air On HBO New Year’s Eve! (Thanks Divine Grace!)

Since I was surrounded by tornadoes this morning I wasn’t able to see Martha’s show with Bette, but Divine Grace was kind enough to let me know that Bette’s “The Showgirl Must Go On” will be shown as an HBO special on New Year’s Eve which is what everyone has been waiting for. Just wanted to get this information out there.

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20 thoughts on ““Showgirl” To Air On HBO New Year’s Eve! (Thanks Divine Grace!)

  1. Can someone upload it on youtube or something like that since in europe we can´t see the HBO. 🙁


  2. OMG I travelled to Vegas from the Yuk to see Bette for the first time and now she has to release it in a DVD, or I might just have to kill myself lol

  3. Imagine, FIRST OF ALL
    then, Imagine number 2, my company asks me (as it usually asks all its employees to bid 6-8 weeks ahead of time) to bid for hours to work over december 15 – 31st. Guess where I will be December 31st, HINT: NOT AT WORK!
    Love you all!
    I hope you have the best day ever….and ever!

  4. Mr. D:) and Divine Grace – Thank you, thank you! I love you, i love you, i love you!! I am so overwhelmed by this good news, I couldn’t bring myself to pack my stuff (leaving tomorrow for NYC:)) – I didn’t get to watch Bette in Martha’s show coz I still had to work today. We have 150+ channels in our cable but no DVR — I have to talk to my kinfolk about this (LOL!). Now, I think I have to stay home New Year’s Eve to make sure I don’t miss TSMGO in HBO!!! Or I’ll have to ask for a DVR as a Christmas present:). Thanks very much again for sharing :)! Yes, there is a God, after all:)!!

  5. I think the ratings of the special willl determine her record label to release it as a DVD or even a CD/DVD package. The people tune in, the more likely a DVD will follow

  6. OH dear GOD!!!!!! just decided that a 55in led tv is a must for Christmas…and then I can fall right out on new year’s eve…my wife and I didn’t get to Vegas for ” showgirl” however we saw kiss my brass 5 times and a few other camps of Bette before that …..OH my my….I must go wake her now….looks like a party at our place for the new year…don’t-cha just love a good surprise…thanks soo much for posting this…should we get drunk or high???? 2-2 -2 mints in one….

  7. It´s great to heard that…well, im not going to be able to see, but there is still a chance that TSMGO comes out on a dvd for those who live far from the USA… anyway, i know that lots of betteheads are going to record it and ut it up to youtube or in the divinedownloads.
    Kisses to all of you!

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