Correction: Graham Norton Air Dates – My Bad

Mister D: I wrote the producer of Graham Norton back because so many of you were saying the air dates I gave might be wrong, and….TA DA!!!!….they were! Sorry, it was due to this country boy’s inability to understand a single word a proper English gentleman had to say….plus I was nervous and jet-lagged… 🙂 Otherwise, give me a break! Here are the correct air dates out of the producer’s email back to me:

“Hi Don,

In the UK the show will air next Friday 26th November. There is no show this friday due to charity TV event Children in Need.

In the US, the show will air on BBC America on the 27th November. AL”

Sorry about the mistake, dearest Betteheads! Do you forgive me? Of course you do….if not, fuck you…and I say that with love…. 🙂 j/k I really am sorry

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12 thoughts on “Correction: Graham Norton Air Dates – My Bad

  1. LOL Mr. D:) of course we don’t hold a grudge (unlike the All Girl Productions, LOL). In our eyes, you can do no wrong:)

    Anne 🙂

    PS. Can they ask Bette to greet me happy birthday (since it's airing a day after my Thanksgiving b-day?) LOL! J/K!! love you!!

  2. BTW, Mr. D, I’d been good — I already gave what was left in my pocketbook to Bette’s B-day fundraiser:) Hope she’ll be happy when she finds out about the ‘surprise’ 🙂 Take care!

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