Bette On The Graham Norton Show (Thanks Julie)

I know what Bette sang but I’ll put it in the comments section as a spoiler alert. Also, the UK Betteheads said I was mentioned on the show….whether or not it ends up on the editing floor, I have no clue! But, wow, what a feeling! Thanks for helping out UK Betteheads and producer Alan Thorpe!

Love, Mister D

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61 thoughts on “Bette On The Graham Norton Show (Thanks Julie)

  1. Graham said your Divine Madness cushion thingy stank!! i think you should have given the UK fans a chance to share their memorablia on tv in front of Bette instead of you getting jealous of what attention us UK fans might get by FedEx’ing your crap and the fastest delivery option available in order to beat us to the punch. stop hogging the limelight.. Bette knows you are not a true fan as Graham informed her you were out stalking Cher at the moment. tut tut. so fickle.

    yes she said your name on tv.. so what ???

  2. don is a show off don is a show off don is a show off don is a show off









  6. graham is going to keep your stupid dolly that you sent in your box of horrors.. BM SAID IT WAS HORRIBLE LOL AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. Hi Mister D. I was in the audience tonight and you WERE mentioned on the show. Bette called you ‘an angel’.

    Was so pleased to have got tickets. And thrilled to see the Divine Miss M so very close up. But from my vantage point in the studio, centre of row 10 from the front, was really disappointed to see that Bette mimed her song. Why would she? With a voice like that?

    Am I naive? Is this just normal for such TV appearances (in which case, was her seminal ‘One for the Road ‘ on the last Johnny Carson show also lip-synched?).

    In the end, I suppose it’s a case of ‘who cares?’ The voice is amazing. But would be interested to hear what other Bette-heads in the audience tonight thought.

  8. They asked me to send that Fed EX….how were they supposed to contact you if don’t have a website. I also suggested and offered to give them email addresses of fans in the UK for that reason, but they wanted my stuff for some reason. The reason I was in LA was that I won a contest to go to the premiere of Burlesque…not to follow Cher. I really owe you no explanation. Jealous are we?

  9. Did you truly believe I didn’t think Mr. Norton wouldn’t make fun of that stuff…that’s what he does…’ve written almost 10 hateful things on here….who has the problem?

  10. Wow, what a great evening my mates and I had, Bette was AMAZING!!! Poor Bette her earing keep falling out throught the recordeding.
    Was pleased to hear Dreamland, I think it was great you were able to help us UK fans out so quickly and get the tickets for the show!!!
    Love you forever!!!

  11. Wow…dude…what are you? 12 yrs old with a temper tantrum? And Mr. D.?? NOT a TRUE Bette Midler fan? Really??? Ummm….last time I checked…someone who is NOT a true fan doesn’t run a BETTE MIDLER website for 8 YEARS for their HEALTH. You butt head. Oh and nice “incognito” way of changing your name so it looks like 11 people ate from your bowl of SOUR GRAPES! When it’s really just your 11 other dysfunctional personalities, ya creep! Seriously, EVERYTHING Mr. D. has done for this Bettehead community AND Bette Midler herself and YOU have the nerve to disrespect him like that? Hmmm, wonder why Graham asked Mr. D. for stuff and not you? Wonder why Mr. D. gets to work with Bette’s people…and not you!?! Big mystery, you douche! The next time you feel the urge to cyber vomitt all over someone’s reputation? Bite your tongue and keep your crummy opinions to yourself! Thank you….and have a nice day. 🙂

  12. PLEASE! Guys! Why are you all so rude and mad to a guy that helps us? Gives us information on a STAR we love. I am UK fan who was contacted to send my merch in to the TV show, but I don’t owe that much cool stuff, just the standard merch. I KNOW that at least another two UK fans were contacted too for their merch – we just dont have cool stuff like Don has! So thats why they used his and not UK stuff anyhow Bette is American all her live shows are in America so the merch in the States is going to be better!. Get over it, and don’t be so rude and opinionated. Don is great to run a website like this and if he likes Cher or whoever so what! He aint going to spend his life just listening to Bette – life would be boring and you’d have to write rude comments on people’s pages just to entertain yourself!

  13. At the end of the show, Graham Norton recorded some promotional trailers for the show to be shown in different parts of the world, including on BBC America so that’s maybe a way for US Bette fans to catch it? Well worth watching – apart from my gripe about the miming, Bette was just fantastic. And Graham Norton seemed genuinely awed and excited to have her on his show.

    In his warm-up,, before recording began, he joked about how pleased he was. ‘Sometimes I couldn’t give a shit about the guests’ he said. ‘But this week….’

    When Bette came on, he stood up and clapped long after the audience had finished. And early in the interview, he seemed almost overwhelmed – losing his place in his interview notes. At that point, Stephen Fry stepped in and ask Bette some questions about her childhood. There was a really nice interaction between him and Bette, and also David Hay, the new heavyweight world boxing champion. Bette was really sweet with Hay – admiring his belt and congratulating him on the title.

    One of the funniest parts of the show was at the end when members of the audience are invited to sit in a trick chair and tell a story to entertain the celebrities. Graham operates a lever which tips them backwards and out of the chair if the story gets boring. Bette’s face the first time this happened was hilarious – she seemed genuinely taken aback when the first audience member disappeared.

    Anyway, it was a wonderful evening. Incredible just to see Bette in relative close-up (my last glimpse was literally ‘From a Distance’ at Madison Square Garden). Really looking forward to seeing the HBO broadcast of her Vegas show and, if any Betteheads know how this can be viewed in the UK, would appreciate the advice.

    Lastly just wanted to say thanks to Mister D for the continued running of this site. Would never have known about Bette’s Graham Norton experience without it. If they do keep the memorabilia stuff in, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed – of course Graham takes the mick out of it. As you say, that’s his style. But it was all done very affectionately and in a nice spirit.

    1. Thanks so much David! Wish I had a good answer for you about the lip synching. You’re right, for the most part, she does lip synch overseas, but not in the US and part of the reason I think just comes down to financial reasons. Not bringing your band overseas to save money. I think it’s extremely expensive, but I’m just guessing here….

  14. I did a little research and the schizo is someone named Jamie…I’ll just leave it at that…..except for….thanks for reading my website!!!

  15. I hope this is the right place to post this.

    I just wanted to say that while it is true that Bette’s episode of Graham Norton will air next Friday the 26th, because Children in Need is this Friday, the show will only air in the USA on the first Saturday in December, as BBCA gets the shows 8 Days after the UK.

    Also just a reminder that Bette will also be on Graham’s radio show on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday morning. The show starts at 10pm but not sure what time Bette will appear.

    Also, did I hear that Bette is also taping Paul O’Grady’s Christmas special on Friday?

  16. Thanks for the heads up about the tickets Don. If it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see Bette live once again. We just want to say with regards to the lip synching, as we understand, Bette was told only minutes before she was due to sing that she had to mime and she looked really disappointed and a little angry, as expected. We all know she prefers to sing live so it wasn’t her fault. Thanks again Don 🙂

    Michaela and Chloe x

  17. Hi again. Was fascinated to hear what Chloe and Michaela had to say about the miming. Would you mind elaborating? I did see some kind of brief discussion going on when she was on the stage but couldn’t hear what was said. Would love to know any other background you have on it.

    A friend of mine who works for the BBC (but not on this show) said she thought the musicians appeared to be ‘miming’ too with some unconvincing sawing at the air! I didnt’ notice this as, to be honest, I was too transfixed by Bette who, miming or not, was just riveting!!

  18. Hi Don

    Just wanted to say a huge thankyou from the UK. If it hadn’t been for you the vast majority of the Bette fans that went to see the show last night would never have been able to go. I was really shocked to see the first set of comments but well done to you for allowing them to be visible – shows class on your part.

    The show was great – I agree about the miming being disapointing but I know from experience having seen Bette a couple of years ago recording “Parkinson” that she likes to sing live in fact on that show we had the pleasure of hearing her sing live 3 times so she could pick the performance she was the happiest with.

    Graham did seem really in awe of Bette and if was only down to her intervention that the other guests finally got a look in!

    Looking forward to seeing the show – hope you enjoyed LA.

    Thanks once again


  19. Hey Unka Don

    YOU know we love you and appreciate all that you do.

    As to the comments made by the delusional psychotic—– stupid is as stupid does

  20. Thank you Don. It was incredible to get the chance to see Bette Midler and I think it shows that far from being jealous, that you were very generous to still send the email out to other Bette fans so that they could get the opportunity you had to miss out on. I personally an truly grateful to you. It was a wonderful show, she must have been on the set for 1.5 hours, which was incredible. So many TV shows involve just sitting around for re-takes but this was a joyous evening with Bette.

    She did call you an angel and was very appreciative for all you had done over the years. I am sorry I can’t remember the exact words. As for Graham, he always takes the piss out of some items that’s his persona, but he was impressed with the items.

    Thanks again and I hope you had a fabulous time at Cher. It’s nice to hear that you won the competition after all you give to so many Bette fans.

  21. Hey don!

    I’m still on cloud nine, can still hardly speak and still get tears in my eyes thinking about. Thanks so much for the link, if it wasn’t for you i would have never gotten the chance to fufill on of my lifetime dreams. Thank you!



    And as for the comments from the idiot! Well thats just pure and utter jealousy! And what they are saying about what was said is absolute bull shit! excuse my french! 😀 xxx

    1. I am so happy for you…can’t wait to see the show even if I get edited out….it doesn’t matter in the least to me. It was such a thrill that I was able to help. You’re totally welcome….

  22. Don!!!! Me and Jonathan are on the show! I cant wait for you to see it, it was fabulous….ive put some pics on facebook of some of the betteheads (sorry those that i missed out, i was whisked away before i got to meet everyone really)

    Thank you for informing us, and everything you do in general! Dont listen to the jelous knob-jocky on here (who is obviously pretending to be about 6 different people lol) rise above it, you far too good for that crap!

    And in regards to the knob jocky that is writing those hurtfull comments on here…tell me, where did you hear about Bette on the show? here? oh right, so just be fucking thankfull you saw bette in person instead of hating! I personally thought those things u sent over were FAB! Id never seen anything like that before! Very interesting indeed.

    One more thing….more than not, us betteheads enjoy other celebrities….whether it be cher, celine, barbara…..who gives a shit! ITS ALLOWED!!…..I love Dolly Parton too!….dya hate me now??? haha


    1. LOL Laura….thank you for the kind remarks and for the pics…..I know some of you by your faces, but you may have to write in and identify yourselves…..

  23. Don…..Im was so surprised to see my pic on here! Omg, who would have thought that 7yrs ago, when I came across this site and how thrilled I was that I was not alone in my Bette madness; to then go and find my picture on here…wow!!

    Thank you Don…for everything……I LOVE YOU BETTEHEADS! 😛 xxx

  24. So now I’m quite curious! What items did you send Don…in case I miss seeing the show when it airs on BBC America? Couldn’t believe the comments I was reading at the beginning! I thought “is this for real?”
    Thanks for all you do Mister D!! We love you!

    1. Well they called me and wanted to know about the fans, esp how to contact UK fans so they gave me a link. Once people started telling me they applied for tix, I would send the show their email addresses and say I know this person – so those that wrote me, doubled their chances. Then the show asked me what kind of things I had of Bette’s….I said a Divine Madness doll/pillow (it did smell…boxed away and old), a delores doll, a beach towel from the 70’s, this decoupage thing, cigarette cases, a globe, and a Delores doll. Then they asked me to send it all to them and they would send them back. I didn’t really want to send the DM doll nor the beach blanket (the beach blanket was the first birthday present my boyfriend ever gave me), but I did anyway. Seems like they just showed 2 things. I would have shown the beach towel…it was the rarest….I did try to get them to ask the UK fans to bring stuff, but they just acted disinterested. So it wasn’t that I was trying to hog the spotlight. I just did as I was told. And they contacted me, not vice versa….thanks for letting me clear that up…

  25. Hi there i would like to add to the comments on the miming,i went to see Bette recording the parkinson show a few years back over here and she deffinatly did not mime to that as she sang it about 4 times before she was happy with the one that was to be aired, as she said she had literaly only just stepped off the plaine. Cant wait to see the show though as was unable to go due to my daughter being ill:( Thank you don though for all your help with being a fan and keeping up to date with everything. your AWESOME hun xxxx

  26. Don! I have just read the thoughtless, and vile comments one of the supposed ‘Fans’ wrote, and I’m disgusted. After all the hard work you put into this website, and all the work you did to get us on the show. Well guess what, I was featured too, and Graham read my email!! And Bette blew me kisses, and offered me an air hug! She saw Chloe and the others, as well as Laura! You didn’t hog the limelight Don, She was thrilled to know you had been in touch. You shared it with us. We were all thrilled when Graham, announced your name!! You should be proud! She knows she is loved throughout, and it’s thanks to you and my dear friend Darrell, that the producers got in touch with me, and now I am (hopefully – unless they cut it out) going to be on TV, proving that Bette’s fan-base is genrational (I’m 19). Thank you once again Don, for all your hard work. Pay no attention to the wankers who try and bring you down. You know we love and respect you! Much love,

    Jonathan x

  27. yikes, someone said some really awful things in the comments. don’t listen to them, don! i personally appreciate all the info you give us, and i would not have known about graham norton if not for you! thanks for getting me the information to get tickets and see her! you’re the best!

    also, the segment with your personal items was HILARIOUS. bette had quite a laugh about it. i surely hope they’ll be sending that stuff back to you!


  28. I have watched beaches, on a loop for nearly a week. Ha. Great flick. perfect work.

    And I used to work at a plastics factory mass producing parts for all sorts of large volume contracts. I worked for the big guys.

    the song from it’s fictional musical:”Oh industry” ( shown in beaches) spoke volumes and compassion to me.

    I am such an appreciative human being for the warm familiar feeling i have when I see your work. I think of you as such a dignified human being.

  29. Don if it wasn’t for you Honey we would be clueless about most things Bette does & to the Hateful person who thinks Bette thinks
    Don is a weirdo, think again Honey as I’ve been at Hullaween in New York and seen first hand how much Bette thinks of Don & all he does for her & her Fans & I’m sure Bette would simply be horrified with the hateful things you’ve been saying!!!
    We all Love & appreciate everything you do for us Don, God Bless from all the UK Fans X

  30. I agree with everyone in support of our main man, screw this nut case, and what do u think Bette’s expression would be to meet that nut! As for my post, I was left with WHAT!!! A Rose beach blanket, a snow globe….POST PIX, I wanna see them! Part of the joy of what u do Don, is inform other Bette heads, and we join in sharing our love for Bette, and the things in our collection, I found this way cool, where did that Divine Madness pillow come from anyway?? Would love to have one….

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