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Bette will appear on the Paul O’Grady Show December 24th. I presume this is a pre-taped Christmas special. Thank you Laura for the information.

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8 thoughts on “For The UK Fans

  1. Bette was on BBC Children in need last night about 1.10am, it was a pre taped clip. It was the same outfit Bette had on the Graham Norton Show, so was prob taped that day too
    Got my copy of Memories Of You, yesterday, Wow, Bette does her own little review of each song in the booklet

    1. No…and I haven’t been able to get a hold of her asst. I’d just keep my ear to the ground so to speak and keep in touch with fellow Betteheads…sorry!!!

  2. Hi

    Bette is on Daybreak on Tuesday morning although as she confirmed that she flies to New York on Sunday it will of course have been pre taped.

    Bette spoke abut the UK on the Graham Norton radio show today (Saturday) and we perhaps shouldn’t rule out some live shows in the UK at some point!

    All the best


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