Happy Birthday Bette!

Happy Birthday Bette!!! I Couldn’t Imagine A Day Without You!!!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bette!

  1. Happy Birthday Bette!

    You will always be the wind beneath my wings! you inspire me and encourage me every day!

    endless love from Germany <3

  2. I read an interview Bette did for Photoplay magazine that was published in February 1981. In that interview, she said, “My dream was to be famous. I wanted that more than anything else. To die leaving something behind, a mark that would save me from being anonymous. Now I want more. I want to be a heroine, a person others can model themselves on. I don’t think this is outrageous. When you see you can be something other than ordinary, you tend to want to be that. I want to be an inspiration.”

    I guess those words went straight from her lips to God’s ears because I was born the same month the article was on newsstands.

    Happy Birthday to the audacious woman I aspire to be.

    May your day be filled with as much laughter, love and happiness as you bestow on your fans.

    December 1, 1945 may not be marked in history books, but it will forever be a day that the millions of Betteheads are thankful for. You will live on.

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