Sign Up For “The Showgirl” DVD Alert (Thanks Stephen)

Mister D: I can’t remember if I ever posted about this, so to be on the safe side I thought I’d put this post (back) up for your convenience:

Blu-Ray DVD:


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9 thoughts on “Sign Up For “The Showgirl” DVD Alert (Thanks Stephen)

  1. thanks for the link! didnt notice that!

    and I love the pic…soooo beautiful. *-*
    do you have more of the show to upload them on the gallery?

    1. Thanks Tobi…and the answer is No… I need to upload the one’s I’ve used though. Oh if I could remember all this stuff…

  2. I have showgirl all ready to upload but someone warned me I could get in trouble for it!! Is there any truth there

    1. Some people have uploaded it already on You Tube and nothing has been said which really surprises me. The most you would probably get is a warning. I’ve had several of those. Unfortunately I can’t put the videos on BLB quite yet. Don’t want to piss my contacts off. I’d say go ahead and do it since others have.

  3. omg.. cantt wait!!!…. ill buy a hd tv and a bluray player just because to watch the show in bluray version XD 😀 hehe :D:D

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