Today In Bette History

Touchstone Pictures releases Scenes From A Mall:

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3 thoughts on “Today In Bette History

  1. I love this movie. I have to watch it soon. I miss watching Isnt She Great as well. The latter is first on my Bette-list now 😛

  2. I love this movie too:), most especially because I find Bette’s character here very different from her other movies. Her character is restrained not divaesque or hysterical but still very funny:) I’ve watched this so many times but never gets tired of it, very funny movie:) I wonder why it wasn’t a big hit like her other comedy movies. I’m thinking of watching it again:)

    1. I really liked this movie, too. I don’t think the movie studio knew how to market it. The comedy was so subtle, like a Woody Allen movie, that people stayed away in droves.

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