1980 Academy Awards Part 13

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7 thoughts on “1980 Academy Awards Part 13

  1. its interesting to hear the audience reaction …. it shows she was the popular favorite that year…. even if she wasnt the critical front runner. It would be nice to see the voting tabulations just to see how close it may have been…. Im sure she was second… ( and its funny, I just sat and watched The Rose tonight because a friend had not seen it…..)

    1. i remember the odds going in to the Oscars at the time had it as a two horse race, It was about a 50/50 split with odds leaning slightly in favor of Sally’s performance.

  2. Yes, Sally Field my derriere! Lol! Bette truly deserved the Oscar, dammit!!! And she was the crowd favorite, it was too obvious!!! But you know, in case we haven’t asked the question — where is Sally Field now?? (while Bette is still very much in circulation, at 65, strutting in her 5 1/2 Louboutin heels inducting Darlene Love in the R & R Hall of Fame, sashaying with Priscilla on Broadway not to mention cleaning and greening New York!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Also, was that Richard Dreyfuss presenting the award? Who knew that a few years after that he and Bette will both star in a box office hit “Down and Out in Beverly Hills.” And…where was Norma Rae during those times? Lol!

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