BetteBack: No Caan Do For “Jinxed”

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8 thoughts on “BetteBack: No Caan Do For “Jinxed”

    1. While it was a critical smash, it fell below expectations on the commercial success side. It was a hit, just not as big as the studio had hoped for. Of course, later on it gained a cult-type following and has done very well…

  1. I recall an interview at the time when Jinxed came out, where Bette said she personally chose Ken Wahl because she had seen him with paul Newman in Fort Apache-The bronx, and thought he had a certain animal magnatism and she chose him for the pic. She had a lot of clout at the time because actually the Rose did do quite well at the box office-it wasn’t a HUGE blockbuster, but it made money, and as Don pointed out it gained a cult status later on. It’s actually held up well compared to a lot of pics from that era and it is considered Now to one of the best, most realistic rock & roll movies ever made.

  2. Wahl did look good at the time.

    Miss M couldn’t imagine at the time how James Caan would handle himself after the failure of “For the Boys”. Bette said she wouldn’t comment because she was a lady.

  3. Of course, I know that. I just pointed out the irony of fighting for a guy who would trash you in the future.

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