Flip Flop: “Showgirl” DVD To Be Released This Summer (Confirmed)

Hey BetteHeads!

Remember when I asked earlier this year about the “Showgirl” DVD being released….first it was, then it wasn’t…Well, now it is again according to Bette’s new site. So I wrote and asked about it and got this nice response:

“When you asked, we didn’t have plans to put out a DVD. But things change….”

So there you have it. Now we can celebrate again!

Love, Mister D

P.S. There will be no bonus materials

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13 thoughts on “Flip Flop: “Showgirl” DVD To Be Released This Summer (Confirmed)

  1. great news 🙂 but what about the KMB videos on her site? are they going to release a DVD of that, too? i think that´s very strange to make promotion for her vegas show and showing clips from KMB at the same time.

  2. Great news!!! I am hoping it will be a DVD set “Ä showgirl must go on” with both KMB and SMGO……..Fingers and toes crossed!

    P.S your site still rocks MR D so now that Bettes site is up don’t think for a second that i wont be visiting ur site daily.

    Im devoted to BLB. xox

  3. Hola…Mahalo too…
    Track listing available? Is NO BONUS supposed to imply that later in the future a BONUS dvd will be distributed?
    ARRRGHHH I recall when I called LONG DISTANCE VIA LAND LINE PHONE to Atlantic NYC Records to lodge the fact that I wanted THE DIVINE MISS M to be issued via remastered CD. I sound A–N—C—-I——E=======N]]]]]]]]]]]]T Just call Me King TUT.
    He had a nice BU—– (fill in the blank)
    There ya go Steve Martin/Meryll Streep! Ooops, forgive me, this is BOOTLEG BETTY!
    Mybad. (And those who know, say OUI)
    WIII or WIV

  4. This is “better than no DVD’ but…without the entire 90 minutes plus show, which included “WAMLAW” and the Delores segment, this cannot really be considered a “true and authentic” TSMGO version, but rather a stripped down one, sorta like K-tel records used to put put way back when. I always felt cheated. C’mon Bette, pay the royalties or whatever it takes, but commemorate your Vegas triumph with something your fans deserve and are willing to pay money for. Bette is the best live entertainer I have ever seen, and I have seen nearly ALL of the greats. Without compare, bette is it, now show everyone why. Just my thoughts…

  5. Unfortunately I missed her is Vegas due to work and surgery! 🙁 So I am just happy to be getting something! Mister D – Site is Still Fabulous Love!!! Thank you for spending your time making us smile!

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