New Rare Track Found: “Heaven Can Wait” (Thanks Peter)

Mister D: This is a Jim Steinman song that Bette demo-ed in the early 70’s. Meat Loaf eventually recorded it for his “Bat Out Of Hell” CD…

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11 thoughts on “New Rare Track Found: “Heaven Can Wait” (Thanks Peter)

  1. The beginning didn’t sound like Bette at all! What a treat to hear though! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. What a huge, HUGE surprise! Is there any reference anywhere that Bette and Steinman got together back in the 70s? Did Bette do this on her own? It sounds to me like the higher pitch she was going for during the “You’re Moving Out Today” year (and perfected on “Let This Be the Last Time.” It’s great to hear anything new by Bette, and I’ll be spinning this around for a while. Hope there’s a genuine opportunity one day to rummage around in the vintage tapes and find more. Thanks, Don, for always surprising me. Hope it’s okay that I shared this with everyone I know.

    1. The only reference I know of is that Meatloaf talked about it on VH1 Storytellers before he sang it….

  3. To answer Art’s question, Jim and Bette met when Jim was piano accompanist for Alaina Reed Hall, who opened for Bette at the Continental Baths.

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