BLB Exclusive: “Showgirl” DVD To Be Delayed

Hey germs and boils…Just heard from Bette’s PA and she said the Showgirl DVD will probably be delayed until October. Remember don’t kill the messenger…pretty please! And always remember things change. However an October release would make sense because of Christmas buying season….love to you all


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9 thoughts on “BLB Exclusive: “Showgirl” DVD To Be Delayed

  1. It’s better to have it eventually than not! However, there should be some way to get through to them to include the extras, such as everything they cut from the HBO broadcast. If Celine can do it, so can Bette!!! Bette’s concert releases are notorious for cutting such crucial and amazing performances. I don’t get it. Copyright issues perhaps? Thank God I have the complete Fabulous Bette Midler Show and Divine Madness. 🙂

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