Non Bette Related: My Mother’s Child – Rebecca Hosking CD

Mister D: My best friend, Rebecca, has just released her brand new sophomore effort, so I thought I’d spread the news for music lovers – especially if you’re a fan of Emmy Lou Harris Lucinda Williams, or Natalie Merchant. Here’s a little bit about my friend Becky and this CD:

Rebecca Hosking reveals her true artistry in My Mother’s Child. This follow up CD to Love and Other Disasters, which received worldwide recognition, is as telling as the pages of her diary. Produced by Dave Isaacs and engineered by Rich Adler at Sound Wave Recording in Nashville Tn this long time songwriter is able to showcase the artist behind the words.

This CD is a collaborative journey with some of Nashville’s finest musicians. The radio friendly hit Running Red Lights sets the pace as tensions build and brings you back home stunned and breathless. Through out Rebecca’s music career she has been on the path of self discovery of who she is as a writer and performer. This CD proves that she has found her voice. She challenged herself by stepping outside the box to more mainstream country but still staying true to her traditional roots.

Over the years Rebecca has been pounding the pavement on Music Row slowly building the relationships that have catapulted her songwriting career to where it is today. Songs by the singer/songwriter have been heard on television and movies, such as the independent films Ariadne’s Thread and Island of Fantasy and cataloged by Audiobrain to be aired on NBC in the 2008 Olympic Games. Her songs have also been heard in Aerial America on the Smithsonian channel and she has had numerous cuts with independent artists such as, Good Souls, Sister Soul and Rachel Farley. She currently has been signed with APM licensing out of L.A. and can be heard on Pandora Radio, Lastfm, Jango, Itunes and WMLB out of Atlanta, GA. Also celebrated in Belgium, Slovakia, New Zealand and the accolades keep coming. for sales for updates and tour info

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