Non-Bette Related: Clint Eastwood On Gay Equality

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2 thoughts on “Non-Bette Related: Clint Eastwood On Gay Equality

  1. I used to work in Carmel around the time Clint was mayor. Although I haven’t always agreed with everything he says, I applaud him on his gay equality stance. I’ve always thought it odd that people would interfere or comment on who someone chooses as a life partner. To me, it’s the epitome of putting forth an unnecessary, unwanted, and unsolicited opinion.

    For example, who am I to say to a hetero couple: “I disagree with your choice of a wife because I think she’s ugly, and therefore you shouldn’t marry her”, or “you shouldn’t have sex that way” or “you can get married, but I have to make sure that you only make love in a manner that I approve of”? I would promptly be told I was out of line, or to mind my own f’ing business.

    Who you find attractive, or want to spend your life with, is a very personal decision, that merits zero interference, question, comment, concern, prejudice, disdain, or disapproval from anyone else. For the narrow-minded that think otherwise, I just don’t get it. Either get a life, or spend your time worrying about your own.

    Go, Clint!

    [BTW: I believe Bette has softened her stance on gay marriage over the years, as well. What say you, Mister D? I can’t recall what her current stance is]

    1. Next time somebody disses me about Barry, I’m going to ask all those questions you mentioned and see how they like it… As far as Bette, she has softened her stance….it was either in print or another live interview. One she had never given it much thought and the other was that the gays around her never mentioned it and basically talked about their conquests. That’s just kind of what she knew at the time and she had not given the issue much thought. She had different priorities at the time. But she did what she said she was going to do and that was to get informed about the subject…..then she changed her mind. So I applaud her for that.

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