Don’t Forget To Check Out Bette’s New Honda (Acura) Commercial


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13 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Check Out Bette’s New Honda (Acura) Commercial

  1. A huge smount of all she does is charitable now. In these modern times when the media and the industry moves as fast as it does, you have to do everything possible to ‘find’ your light and keep your profile where it needs to be.

  2. At first I felt just Ron and Marcos, thinking that a car-commercial was just way below her. I still don’t like the idea of her doing ads, but having seen it I think it’s not as bad as I feared, since it pokes fun at her image as one of the most expensive singers (her Vegas deal more than proves this). She therefore looks “rich” rather than cheap in it, while parodying her image at the same time; And she can (almost!) get away with it.
    I appreciate the fact that she wants to raise a lot for NYRP but I sincerely hope that she won’t do every single commercial just to get the money; there are other – classier- options to raise awareness for this good cause; for instance a TV special in which the audience is invited to donate and which would pair her with some of her talented famous “green” friends (Think “Duet” CD, too!).

  3. I don’t think it’s beneath her. I think it shows she is down to earth and doesn’t feel she is above everyone else. Just my opinion. Big name celebrities are doing commercials nowdays more often, especially around the holidays. What about the Macy’s commercials? Lot’s of big names in those.

  4. Andrea, I’m so with you…Bette has money coming out of her ass…if she is doing this, it’s probably because,somehow,this appealed to her, in some way…it’s HER life, whatever she does, it’s up to HER…To me, nothing is BENEATH her, simply because she is, to me, one of the smartest people who ever walked the American showbiz ground, who has managed to be a woman who stands for what she believes, married to someone who is not part of the Hollyweird pot (who is charming as can be, by the way) and who has made IT. Period. The rest is bullshit. Don’t like it, don’t watch it…Bette, I love you, UNCONDITIONALLY. 🙂
    XOXO. P.S: She looks so lovely in this…:-) P.S2: My friend just told me Priscilla, the Musical is opening in Brazil March 2012….

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