Commitment To Life – In My Life/Friends

Happy Birthday Andrea,,,tried to post a card on Facebook but you don’t allow it 🙂 Same goes to Michelle Korl but I understand why now….wont happen again….love. Mister D

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6 thoughts on “Commitment To Life – In My Life/Friends

  1. Dammit…I misspelled your name! LOL! Going out with all my 10 gay male friends in towels..don’t let this go online in your blog…LOL! Delete! LOL! Luv you. XOXO.

  2. Can’t believe you posted and corrected it! LOL! Just so you know, 9 of them backed off cause they had something else to do…The hairdresser stayed. I’ve just arrived,just do the math with the time zone. LOL!

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