Video: Some People’s Lives (Live) (Thanks Tobi and Eze)

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3 thoughts on “Video: Some People’s Lives (Live) (Thanks Tobi and Eze)

  1. One of my all time favorites–so nicely done. I would put this down as one of Bette’s ‘greatest hits’. It’s really a treat to hear her sing it live–I don’t think she sang it live very often.

    1. No not often. I was at the show before The Showgirl officially opened (can’t remember what you call that) but she sang it then and to me it was a highlight. However walking out with Bruce Vilanch the bigwigs were freaking out because the show ran over by 9 minutes or so, and I remember telling Bruce please don’t cut Some People’s Lives and of course it was cut….lol

  2. Love that story Don! It’s always been one of my favorites too. One of those I play for people I’m trying to convert haha… File this under one of the many questions in her career but I too dont’ understand why this was left off of Jackpot (as well as To Deserve You and My One True Friend). They were going for a ballad heavy greatest hits anyway so it would have only made since to include them. Oh well… shoulda woulda coulda.

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