Philly Teens 4 Good Fundraiser Needs Your Help – Please Read!

Mister D: My friend Jamie could use your help….she has been a follower of Miss M’s environmental work since the very beginning and actually made it her life’s work. Please read what she has to say and then help if you can. Thank you!

I could use a little help from our Betteheadfriends:

We have kicked off a major fundraising campaign in 2012. From searching for corporate sponsorships to individual support, our mission is to maintain our urban farmers so we can continue to make a difference in the lives of our youth and communities we serve.

Our latest campaign is a Fundrazr campaign on Facebook (see below). I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to contribute to Teens 4 Good by sharing this link. It’s as easy as clicking on the fundrazr below to take you to the link for more info. Another opiton of contribution would be to contact me, come Philly and volunteer at one of our farm/garden sites. Naturally, all of my inspriation has come from our Divine Miss M and this has taken many, many years of my own blood,sweat and cold hard cash to get this off the ground to the city wide regognition of 2012.

If you need any additional info, you know where to find me.



Friends of the Federation of Neighborhood Centers,

Please help support Teens 4 Good, youth-led food production business, by making a donation on our fundrazr page via facebook! Our goal is to raise $5,000 by May 6th, 2012, that will be used to support the operations of our farms. No donation amount is too small.

Fruitful Fact: Since 2005, Teens 4 Good has produced and distributed more than 20,000 pounds of healthy food to people in need (currently distribute more than 8,000 pounds per year). Youth are taking leadership roles in helping to solve some of our most challenging problems- rising hunger and obesity, the two sides of poverty.
For more info, visit us at :

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