Don’t Steal From Bette….

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It is not cool to download or support those that do download full length videos of Miss M’s concerts that are on sale since she still makes money from these…Full length movies you can still buy should be off limits as well. It decreases her value in the market for every sale she misses because someone has watched it online illegally.

And to those that persist in stealing and uploading quit using the excuse that you’re just trying to make people happy…that’s bullshit and you know it. And I’d love to rip into any of you that are doing this, but I think Bette’s lawyers might do a better job….haven’t written yet, and don’t want to, but I am so on the verge and for many other reasons….

I still can’t get over how Darrell’s Bette On The Boards has been raped and pillaged for someone else’s personal gain. And although I have never said anything much about my site, I know for a fact I have been fleeced for personal gain although there’s not much I can say but “What goes round, comes round.”

Anyway, I had to get this off my chest and I’m proud to say I did it without swearing (except for bullshit).

Those of you who think I’m talking about you or disagree with me….don’t bother writing me…I’m right. You’re wrong! Do the right thing….

Love, Mister D

P.S. So are you a fan or looking for fans….there’s a difference!

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Steal From Bette….

  1. i agree for the stuff thats on sale, hell just go buy it, but man there are some things u cant buy on there, That Bette doesnt profit from, now thats the good stuff, right?? like TV appearances etc…. =-)

    1. I’m mainly talking about the things you can buy and in things knowingly lifted off other sites when there were requests to please not do so….

  2. Thank you! I was floored when I saw the complete concert of Divine Madness uploaded. I love all the old interviews/performances but the complete concerts/movies?!? Yikes. I didn’t even know youtube allowed anything longer than 10 minutes. If it’s not taken down soon, perhaps you should contact someone since you know “her people” and I don’t. Good for you for speaking out though.

    1. Don’t worry I will. I had to in the past and pages were taken down….I just don’t know how Bette feels about it now….since there’s so many people doing it…..but not on You Tube!

  3. I do agree with what you say, but i also understand that there are people in countries where here products are not available to buy or they are too expensive to buy. When i used to live back in Romania i just couldnt afford to buy cds and dvds. They were too expensive for my wage. And there were always other priorities as much as i loved Bette. And when someone uploaded a song online (back then it took days to finish downloading a song), for me that was the best thing ever. Now I do have all her cds and dvds (except for one or two Best Of thingies and movies where she doesnt have the lead).
    I think there are a lot of other fans out there who still cannot afford her work and maybe that’s their only way to watch’em.

    1. I sympathize. but there has to be a better way even if exchanging downloads between friends but not blatantly putting it out there. I mean I don’t have the answers about the solutions…..neither does the entertainment industry it seems…..all I know right now it’s deemed wrong for those that are still on sale

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