Video: Ready To Begin Again!

Mister D: A wise young man told me, “Never make a big decision when you’re angry!” I should have listened! So the Old Crow is eating crow…I’ll be back to speed by Monday!

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9 thoughts on “Video: Ready To Begin Again!

  1. Oh Don, I have said before I will say it again and again until you believe me, those that truly love you and support you will ALWAYS be here for you!! Dont make me have to come up there and smack ya around! lol 😉 <3

    1. I haven’t forgotten my homeboys, Andy, Albert, and the 2 Ron’s and Stephen….thank you for your continued and unwavering support through my ups and down….and Ron I’ll look up that Janis Ian song…I have most of her stuff so i’m probably going to love it. Thanks again guys!

  2. Welcome back Cher…..I mean, DON!!!! Just a little yolk….you made my month with the great news of your triumphant return!!! Thank you!

  3. Welcome Back Mr. D, I’ve missed your wonderful post. In the future hit the delete key on those messages that are mean, disrespectful or from non-Bette fans who are mad about something she said. It will be a tough few months til the election. I’ve learned to turn the TV off or change the channel when I start hearing stuff that upsets me. Everyone seems so angry & hateful, it’s too much for me.

    On a completely different subject. This past weekend I heard a song Janis Ian co-wrote that really moved me, “I Hear You Sing Again” and wondered if you have heard it. As you know Janis co-wrote “Some People’s Lives” that Bette recorded and sang during the “Experience The Divine” tour. This new song (to me it’s new) would be a great one for Bette to record. I still have hope that we will get a CD of new material someday in the not to faraway future. If you haven’t heard it give it a listen on Janis’ website.

    I wish you well and am grateful to have you and Bette back up & running. We need it especially during this crazy time.

  4. Welcome back! You have been missed, even though it’s been a few days. Please know that whatever pace you decide to get back to BLB, we’re here for you, support you, appreciate you, and thank you!

    Hope all is well!!

  5. Mr. D,
    Oh thank our lucky stars! For all you nay sayers out there who want to sing along….don’t! You leave our boy alone! Don’t pay any attention to those ham on toasts out there. YOU ARE THE BEST! We rely on you to get our latest Bette news and scoops. Thanks for reconsidering. Wishing you nothing but blue skys. That’s the glory of love, baby.

  6. Oh I’m so glad you’re back! I just didn’t know what I was going to do without this website. I need Bette and I need you Mister D!

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