“Parental Guidance” ~ A Harbinger Of Things To Come? I Hope So!

Mister D: Hey I’m in my 50’s and I heard that is the new 40’s…in my case the 30’s…I look…

Video: Bette Midler, P. Diddy, Whoopi, Others Sing Praises Of Donna Summer (Thanks Marcos!)

Photo: Bette Midler & Bailee Madison On The Set Of “Parental Guidance”

The BLB Team

BetteBack Clippings 1973: Midler At The Palace

BetteBack Clippings 1973: Bette At The Philharmonic

London Gives Props To Bette Midler And NYRP

The Australian In the Big Apple, money grows on trees BY: WILL PAVIA From: The Times September 10, 2012 12:00AM…

Video: I’m Beautiful ~ Bette Midler ~ Rosie O’Donnell’s 500th Episode Special

BetteBack 1974: Bette Midler And Barry Manilow Part Ways

Winnipeg Free Press The Divine Mr. M February 16, 1974 He has become known as the Divine Mr M because…

BetteBack 1974: The Upcoming Grammy Awards ~ Who’ll Win What?

San Mateo Times TV TIMES February 23, 1974 The 16th Annual Grammy Awards: The grammaphone shaped award is the prize…

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