Elinor Lipman (Then She Found Me) Has A New Book Out: “Tweet Land of Liberty: Irreverent Rhymes from the Political Circus”

Dear Friends, Readers, Political Junkies!

Last year I wrote you of my foolhardy pledge to write one rhyming political poems per day on Twitter, from that point (June 2011) to the 2012 election. I should’ve counted that it would be 499 days of tweets; I should’ve vowed five days a week in stead of seven…but have stuck to that promise and today posted my 446th in a row (minus Yom Kippur). Most happily, Beacon Press has just published 200+ of them in a paperback book, Tweet Land of Liberty: Irreverent Rhymes from the Political Circus.  (“Jon Stewart in 140 characters.” — Stacy Schiff). You’ll forgive the merchandizing, and wouldn’t ask if it were setting you back more than its $9.95.

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Michele we hear is prone to migraines,
So what’s the giant ballyhoo?
Flesh to flesh with Mr. Bachmann,
I might get a headache, too.

So many women felt his prod,
But Cain is  now at peace with God.
Take your wife and go abroad,
Then mind the proverb, “Spare the rod.”

Christie’s saying, “I’m not ready,”
Despite what’s sounding like a draft.
Too big to fail? He could prevail.
Think: William Howard Taft.

Callista, please be mine forever.
When will I forsake you? Never.
Yes, I had a marriage spree,
But, Valentine, it stops at three.

It wasn’t up Santorum’s alley,
2 men smooching at his rally.
You’ve made your point, now go away.
Only Democrats are gay.

Advice down south for northern Mitt:
Be seen enjoying shrimp’n grits.
“Y’all” is good and NASCAR‘S great.
Healthcare’s bad and sushi’s bait.

College is for snobs, Santorum?
Hard to hear the week of Purim.
I cannot speak for every Jew,
But education’s helped a few.

Bit by penguin at the zoo,
What’s a candidate to do?
Soon the bird wrote in his blog,
“Newt tastes like an underdog.”

With thanks and warm regards and with apologies to my GOP readers,


P. S. – You can’t reply to this address, but do write any time to elinorlipman@me.com

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2 thoughts on “Elinor Lipman (Then She Found Me) Has A New Book Out: “Tweet Land of Liberty: Irreverent Rhymes from the Political Circus”

  1. Love the pic! You both look terrific!! Didn’t know Elinor had such a witty, sense of humor. Her wordplay is phenomenal. She’s quite a talent.

    1. She is very witty! Had lunch with her around the time of Then She Found Me. She has a lot of books out…all received very well! xx

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