A Message From NYRP

Dear Friends,

We’re all reeling from Hurricane Sandy. And our trees are teetering.

For those of us fortunate enough to still have our homes intact…

We need to join together to help restore our cherished public spaces.

Many of our gardens and all of our beloved parks were devastated including Sherman Creek Park, Highbridge Park, Fort Washington Park and Fort Tryon Park. You can see more pictures of the beating our parks took on Facebook.

Please help us restore our parks to their hard-earned beauty by making a donation today.

You can also sign up to volunteer at www.nyrp.org/volunteer. We’ll contact you when it is safe to be back in our parks or if there are opportunities to help in our gardens.

We’re New Yorkers. We get things done. Let’s put Sandy behind us.

Help our clean-up efforts by donating at www.nyrp.org/donate.


You can also do this through the Happy Birthday Bette Fundraiser For NYRP: Click Here

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