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“Parental Guidance” Still Raking In At The Box Office

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Comedy Parental Guidance rounded out the top five domestically, grossing $10.1 million for a domestic cume of $52.8 million. The movie, from 20th Century Fox, continues to benefit from being family friendly and is playing especially well in America’s heartland.

Here are the full results for the weekend of Jan. 4-6 at domestic box office:
Title, Weeks in release/Theater count, Studio, Three-day weekend total, Cume

1. Texas Chainsaw 3D, 1/2,654, Lionsgate, $23 million.
2. Django Unchained, 2/3010, The Weinstein Co., $20.1 million, $106.4 million.
3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 4/3,755, New Line/MGM, $17.5 million, $263.8 million.
4. Les Miserables, 2/2,904, Universal, $16.1 million, $103.6 million.
5. Parental Guidance, 2/3,368, 20th Century Fox, $10.1 million, $52.8 million.
6. Jack Reacher, 3/3,288, Paramount, $9.3 million, $64.8 million.
7. This Is 40, 3/2,931, Universal, $8.6 million, $54.5 million.
8. Lincoln, 9/1,901, Disney/DreamWorks, $5.3 million, $143.9 million.
9. The Guilt Trip, 3/2,312, Paramount, $4.5 million, $31.2 million.
10. Promised Land, 2/1,675, Disney/Pixar, $4.3 million, $4.7 million.

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4 thoughts on ““Parental Guidance” Still Raking In At The Box Office

  1. What’s also interesting is that Parental Guidance and Lincoln are the only two films in the top 10 to have already earned double their budget so far–and I think Parental Guidance has done it the fastest ($25 mil. to make and already over $50mil. gross–in less than two weeks!). Lincoln had a $65 mil. budget, so just doubled its budget, despite being out since November. Next on the list is Les Mis, which cost $61 mil. to make and should double its money within the next 7 days. (sorry, you know how I always like to throw in trivia).

    Nonetheless, I think that because Parental Guidance has done so well at the box office, considering its cost (and quick profit!), that rumors of a sequel may turn to fruition. I’ve already read articles of a potential sequel where Bette and Billy meet the “other” (more favorite) grandparents, with clashing styles of child-rearing. I see great possibilities here, and really enjoyed the chemistry between Bette and Billy–I would certainly like to see more of them together in the future.

    1. Thanks as always Ron. Tomorrow there’s supposed to be some kind of announcement concerning Bette stuff, but i wasn’t told what….xx

  2. hmmm….now I’m curious….hope it means another movie or CD…….I’ll be checking your website as soon as I get home from work….

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