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Sunday, March 17, 2013

More On Sue Mengers (Thanks Mark!!!)

Mister D: For those of you interested in learning more about Sue Mengers…this is for you! Thanks to Mark Motyka for sending this my way!

Vanity Fair
Out To Lunch
Caftan Confidential
March 2009


With clients such as Barbra Streisand and Mike Nichols, Sue Mengers was the first female superagent. She serves up lobster rolls and moxie at her Beverly Hills home.
by John Heilpern

Award-winning British journalist John Heilpern’s “Out to Lunch” column was a staple of Vanity Fair in the 1980s—a feature that had Heilpern lunching with and then writing about a diverse range of people, from best-selling author Jackie Collins to the late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Back “by popular demand,” Heilpern says, “Lunch” picks up right where it left off—with a delectable interview with famed Hollywood superagent Sue Mengers. Read More

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Update: Spring Picnic 2013


Spring Picnic 2013
Gracie Mansion
Carl Schurz Park
Thursday, May 30, 2013

Individual tickets start at 1250.00, 3000.00, and 6000.00

Group tickets (table of 10) start at 12,500.00, 30,000.00, 60,000.00

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Audio: I Know This Town by Bette Midler


I Know This Town by Bette Midler

I know these streets and these backyards,
this barn that’s falling down.
We come to where they’re building now
and ride our bikes around.

And you think I’m just a little kid,
some troubles on the way.
Well, I knew this place before you did
is all I’ve got to say.

I’m only walking
through these streets and all around.
I’m only walking.
I know this town.

We come home through these fields at night
about a million times.
I’d walk the road with my eyes closed
and all the paths besdies. Read More

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BetteBack August 4, 1978: Filming A Party Scene For “The Rose”

Lethbridge Herald
August 4, 1978


HOLLYWOOD (NBA) – Parties are parties, even parties staged for movies. They have a tendency to become infectious, to imbue even the actors and crew members with a sense of fun and games.

That may be the explanation for what was happening at 20th Century-Fox, where director Mark Rydell was putting his company through a party for his new film, “The Rose.” That’s the picture that is already famous because it is the vehicle for Bette Midler‘s movie debut. Read More

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BetteBack August 11, 1978: Bette Midler Gets Nominated For An Emmy

Salina Journal
August 11, 1978


HOLLYWOOD (UPI ) – “Holocaust,” the top-rated NBC miniseries about Nazi atrocities against Jews, has collected the most Emmy nominations for the 1977-78 television season.

The 16 nominations for “Holocaust” and nine more for “King,” another limited series that dramatized the life and assassination of Martin Luther King, also gave NBC a clear lead over its rival networks in the competition for the most prizes at the 30th annual Emmy Awards. Read More

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