Pre-Sales: Las Vegas November 19th

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV

Onsale Dates and Times
  • ”¢NOV”¢19WED

    VIP Packages Presale

    10:00 PST

    Ends Fri, November 21, 2014 at 17:00 PST

  • ”¢NOV”¢24MON

    General Public Onsale 

    10:00 PST

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4 thoughts on “Pre-Sales: Las Vegas November 19th

  1. Well, yes, I’m going!!! Yay!!!

    I got into the ticket purchase section exactly on time, but boy oh boy, all the VIP packages were not available (instantly) within seconds of going on sale.

    So, I kept going back and forth between the Front Row package (actually my preferred package), Meet and Greet, and the Gold Package–waiting for one of them to be released. So it took about 5 minutes of no luck before the first package opened up for me: The Gold Package. This put me on the main floor of the auditorium but about 3/4th of the way back (maybe 50 rows?), so I gave up the seat hoping to get something a little closer.

    I kept bouncing back and forth in my trials to secure a seat, between the Front Row and Meet and Greet packages, hoping I would snag a front row seat, as it was about half the price of the Meet and Greet (of course a Meet and Greet is the “dream” selection, but I have met Bette in person about 5 times before (yes, being a Bettehead since 1972, it occasionally works out—lol); however, the last time was during the Miss Millenium tour).

    In any event, I doubt she would remember me, or have time to reminisce, but the ticket that opened up for me was the Meet and Greet! So, yah, long story long, I’m in the Center Section, main floor, 3rd row Center–really a perfect, perfect, seat!, with the opportunity to meet Bette in person and take a selfie with her!

    Sometimes, the front row can be so close to the stage, you’re actually doing your best to look up over the stage, so back a few rows can be more ideal. Now, I have six months to pay for it……..Oy, Vegas, here we come! xx

    1. Well Congrats…I think a little farther back from the 1st row is better like you said. Sometimes being on the front row at a concert is like being on the front row in the movie theatre. It’s hard to take everything in….xx

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