Bette And The Harlettes In Rehearsal!


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7 thoughts on “Bette And The Harlettes In Rehearsal!

  1. So sad I won’t be able to see Bette live this time around. Too expensive. I have seen each show since 1977. But times have changed.
    Hope they will film it. Looking forward to “seeing” it through the eyes and words of those who are lucky enough to go. :…..(

  2. Although there have been a couple added shows, I’m not seeing that any of her venues are completely sold out (?). Any idea how tickets are selling? Maybe the price? Even here in Vegas, there are a fair amount of pretty good seats still available. Rather odd, since she was here for two years, with near sell-out performances nightly, when the economy was at its worst. Do most people wait for a last minute rush?

    1. I don’t know how to find out figures but i always thought the majority of tickets were sold closer to the date of performance. Just my two cents.

  3. Do you know who the girls are? Who are this tour’s Harlettes?
    Who are your favorite Harlettes of all time? I’m old school. Ula Hedwig, Charlotte Crossley and the late GREAT Sharon Redd. Also loved Jenifer Lewis, Linda Hart, Diva Gray and Jocelyn Brown.

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