Bette To Sing Stay With Me On Tour, But Subject To Change If Necessary

The biggest news from the Ellen show is that Bette intends to bring out her old crowd raising favorite, Stay With Me. I had this confirmed and had to add the stipulation that this was subject to change. So cross your fingers. Good news indeed!

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2 thoughts on “Bette To Sing Stay With Me On Tour, But Subject To Change If Necessary

  1. Oh my. I really wasn’t expecting this! I hope her voice holds out – the London O2 gigs are right at the end of the tour…

    ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ in Vegas was the highlight of the show for me: You’ll remember how she sang ‘Hello In There’ with the gauzes of New York City, then moved into WAMLAW on an empty stage: my heart was in my mouth. When she finished, the whole audience was on its feet, roaring for more…

    Real shame it’s not on the Showgirl DVD: she said her voice wasn’t good enough for a recording. Bette’s a perfectionist…

    1. Yeah…for some reason this makes me tense. I’m glad she’s bringing it back, but I saw how she struggled with WAMLAW on Showgirl. Hopefully she found an arrangement that works for her. Crossed fingers

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