Attn: All Concert Goers!!!

Remember all of you going to the concerts, you are my eyes and ears this time around since I can’t make it. Be sure to send me details of set lists, sets, jokes, merchandise, any photos, etc to Or message me on Facebook! I appreciate it. Most of all, have the time of your lives! I’ll be sitting here at my desk in drag waiting! Love, Don


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5 thoughts on “Attn: All Concert Goers!!!

  1. I’m excited that the concert tour is starting and I can’t go this time around. The first tour I’ll miss since 1977. Times have changed.
    Don, thank you for asking those lucky enough to be attending, what I’m sure will be a fabulous show, to let the rest of us know all the sights and sounds of the show. I’m especially excited to read the set list, what will she include??

  2. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. If I win then I could afford to buy tickets. Would love to see this show. Bette always surprises us with songs we did not expect her to include. For KMB the surprise for me was Skylark, stunning!!

  3. I have a ticket for a “meet and greet” which is understandably going to make me incredibly nervous with each passing day until it’s over. I’m curious as to what to expect? I heard that the “meet and greets” for David Copperfield are a tad disappointing. Apparently, the people just line up at once, and are called one at a time to take a photo with David, which is then sold to the fan at a subsequent booth–very assembly line with barely any eye contact, no interaction or opportunity to engage in any level of conversation.

    I’m curious to find out what the experience is for the fans of Bette who took the plunge and purchased one of her “packages”? Thanks, Mister D, for providing us with up-to-date feedback throughout her tour. I will find all of it very fascinating. And……if I do have the opportunity to engage in conversation with Bette…..any tips on what to talk about?? Politics? NYRP? Global Warming? Just being a fan?

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