Bette Midler: “What can I say? These are the caftan years.”

Wall Street Journal Michael Kors and Bette Midler Celebrate a Night That Really Delivered By KRISTIN TICE STUDEMAN Oct. 19,…

1993 – Hocus Pocus – Hurt Feelings – Bette Midler

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1998 – One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show – Soph Jokes – Hulaween

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5 Freaky Facts About “Hocus Pocus”

Too Fab 5 Freaky Facts About “Hocus Pocus” October 25, 2014 6:00 AM 1. Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Sarah,…

BetteBack December 27, 1991: How does Bette feel about the deadly disease , AIDS?

Winslow Mail December 27, 1991 Question: Is it true that Bette Midler once worked in a gay men‘s bathhouse? If…

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