Bette Midler – Bang Your Dead – Live At The Roxy – 1977

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About The “Miss M” Column From Bette’s Team – This Helps Clarify Things Better

  There’s been some confusion about the column so this is what’s happening as we speak: * New artwork is coming…

The Emerald Green Empire State Building

From passionfornycI: I just got an email letter from #BetteMidler (thanking us for our support) with this shot of the…

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Beast Of Burden – Johnny Carson Show – Bette Midler – 1982

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BetteBack Feb. 14, 1976: The Bette Midler Incident In Buffalo, New York Or Why Bette Wouldn’t Play There Till Kiss My Brass 2004

Mister D: Or why Bette didn’t play Buffalo, NY again until the Divine Intervention Tour The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY)…

BetteBack May 21, 1992: And Who Are Johnny Carson’s Last Guests?

Madison Wisconsin State Journal May 21, 1992 On the eve before his last telecast, Johnny Carson has stacked the deck…

Bette Midler: We did it – One Million Trees for New York City! No Other City Has Reached This Goal!

  I’m writing to thank you for your tremendous support in helping the New York Restoration Project reach our goal…

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