2011 – Acura Commercial – Bette Midler

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1998 – GMA – Laughing Matters – Bette Midler

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The 2nd Edition Of Bette’s Q & A Column Is Out! Take A Look!

BetteBack September 26, 1992: Bette And Martin Attend “Valentino: 30 Years of Magic” Gala In NY (Receives Award)

Pacific Stars And Stripes September 26, 1992 Opera star Placido Domingo, actress singer Bette Midler and “Queen of Soul” Aretha…

Easier Said Than Done – The Continental Baths – Bette Midler with Barry Manilow

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BetteBack August 31, 1992: Bette Midler Wins An Emmy!

Indiana Gazette August 31, 1992 PASADENA, Calif. (AP) – Here are some of the 44th annual Emmy Awards presented Sunday:…

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