BootLeg Betty

BetteBack January 18, 1997: It’s A Fabulous Body. I Don’t Want To See It Disintegrate

Indiana Gazette January 18, 1997 “There is no square inch of my body that doesn’t require…

Bette Midler: “Human nature is something to rise above.”

Bette Midler: “Human nature is something to rise above.” (Taos News, May 15, 1997)

Bette Midler – Moses with Dolly Parton

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BetteBack November 15, 1973: Divine Miss M. Rocks Ithaca

The Ithacan November 15, 1973 It is indeed a rarity when a performer lives up to…

Bette Midler On Composting:

Bette Midler On Composting: “I love compost and believe in it with every fiber (so to…

1985 – Bette Midler and Jack Nicholson – Live Aid

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The Forty Best Songs About Friendship

Yahoo Tech The 40 best songs about friendship By Parker Hall August 30, 2016 Instagram: bettebae…