BootLeg Betty

1988 – Bette Midler – Beaches – Wind Beneath My Wings

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Bette Midler – Delores DeLago – Divine Madness – 1980

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BetteBack September 29, 1998: Nathan Lane Talks Bette Midler

Amarillo Daily News September 29, 1998 Nathan Lane felt instant chemistry with Bette Midler on the…

Bette Midler On The First Wive’s Club:

Bette Midler On The First Wive’s Club: “Of course, I wanted to play Goldie’s part.” she…

2012 – Bette Midler – Bette Recalibrates

BetteBack October 28, 1973: Bette Midler’s, Bette Midler. Coming Out Soon

Abilene Reporter News October 28, 1973 On the recording scene we’re expecting a host of good…

Bette Midler On Revenge:

Bette Midler On Revenge: “Oh, revenge is very healthy. I like it. If I didn’t believe…

New York Times: ‘Beaches’ Remake Review

The New York Times Review: They’ve, Sob, Remade ‘Beaches’ By MIKE HALEJAN. 20, 2017 “Beaches,” directed…

1988 – Beaches – Let’s Talk About Me – Bette Midler

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