2006 – Bette Midler – Eye To Eye – Perseverance

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BetteBack September 21, 1999: Bette Midler’s Upcoming Tour, The Divine Miss Millennium

Daily Advocate September 21, 1999   Bette Midler, Divine Miss Millennium, Delores Delago, Sophie Tucker, Hulaween Related articles Concert Review:…

Bette Midler On The First Wive’s Club:

Bette Midler On The First Wive’s Club: “There are a lot of angry women around, and they were rooting for…

Bette TV Series – Episode 4 – Silent But Deadly – 2000

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BetteBack May 25, 1974: Bette Midler Sues Over ‘The Greatest Story Ever Overtold’

Independent Press Telegram May 25, 1974 Singer Bette Midler asked a New York state court Friday to keep a film…

I Put A Spell On You – Bette Midler – Hocus Pocus 1993

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