BetteBack May 25, 1974: Bette Midler Sues Over ‘The Greatest Story Ever Overtold’

Independent Press Telegram
May 25, 1974


Singer Bette Midler asked a New York state court Friday to keep a film company from titling a film “The Divine Mr. J.” and from advertising it as her cinema debut.

State Supreme ..Court Justice Samuel Silverman ordered National Entertainment Corp. and the Festival Theater of Manhattan to show cause Tuesday why he should not so direct them.

Miss Midler said she was paid $250 in 1971 for a 10-minute performance of a film intended “to be utilized for private entertainment.”

The title -of the 16-mm film, described as a religious satire, was originally “The Greatest Story Ever Overtold,” the singer said. She termed the film “a third-rate motion picture” and said her film debut was in “Hawaii” a decade ago.

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