Audio: Cheryl Dilcher, Special Songs, Bette Sings Background Vocals, Her First Known Recording – 1971

Cheryl Dilcher – Special Songs -1970

Mister D: As far as I know this is the first recording Bette Midler ever did. She was the background vocalist on about 4 songs. The artist was Cheryl Dilcher. I read that she’s folk, and another record was metal. Anyway, Hope you all enjoy!

Accompanying herself on six and twelve string acoustic guitar, Cheryl Dilcher produced three albums of her poetic tunes between 1970 and 1977. Unfortunately, she arose on the scene at a time when the popularity of acoustic music was at a lull. Although her first two albums – Butterfly in 1973 and Magic, the following year – were released on A&M, neither sold and her contract was not renewed. She fared no better with hr third album, Blue Sailor, released on her own Butterfly label in 1977


1. A Better Day
2. Mercy, Dear Lord, Mercy
3. Three Wishes
4. Richard Never Cries
5. Do I Have To Wait Very Long
6. Song By a Bird
7. Music Box


8. How I’d Like To Go Home
9. Cotton Joe
10. Little Miss No One
11. Happy Times
12. Goodbye
13. Save The World


Cheryl Dilcher ( Guitar, Piano, Harpsichord, Vocals )
Amedeo Borsetti ( Organ, E-Piano )
Bette Midler ( Voices )
David Smith ( Flute )
David Wagner ( Bass Guitar )
Jim Turner ( Voices )
John Adelson ( Organ, Guitar, Harmonica )
Lane Emley ( Bass Guitar )
Mario Garcia ( Bongos, Drums )
Produced By John Dee 

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3 thoughts on “Audio: Cheryl Dilcher, Special Songs, Bette Sings Background Vocals, Her First Known Recording – 1971

  1. I love listening to old record albums by regarding artists that landed a recording contract but never made it big. The stuff we had access to before technology, MTV and reality television kind of took the simplicity out of the music business. I listened once…and will a few more times!

  2. Don the stuff you dig up on Bette is unbelievable and magical! How funny…Bette the backup singer!

  3. I loved the 60’s and 70’S the most. It was so fun hanging out in record stores and going in every Tuesday emegen new releases were coming out.

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