Tom Waits’ debut album was released yesterday in 1973

Tim Buckley was the first major artist to record a Waits’ song from this album, Martha. Bette Midler sang it on SNL and in her Divine Madness Tour. The Eagle’s had a hit with ‘Ol 55

Tom Waits’ debut album was released yesterday in 1973

Tom Waits’ debut album was released yesterday in 1973 – RARE BETTE MIDLER & TOM WAITS PHOTO, BOOK EXCERPT ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHiP AND MORE

Today in rock history: Yesterday in history, Tom Waits released his debut album, Closing Time via Asylum Records. It was largely ignored by record buyers and made no impact on U.S. charts, but another Asylum band, The Eagles, covered one of its songs, “Ol’ ‘55” (Bette Midler and Tim Buckley also covered songs from the album (Martha)).

Below, is a photo of Bette Midler and Tom Waits rehearsing for a special live performance of “I Don’t Talk To Strangers” Surely, someone taped this.

Also, at the bottom, read about their relationship

Bette Midler at the Troubador rehearsing for a live performance of "I Don't Talk To Strangers"

Lowside of the Road: A Life of Tom Waits
By Barney Hoskyns

Tom Waits



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