Who agrees/disagrees with this woman that young fans are so rude that it’s no longer fun to go to concerts?

Young fans ruin concerts from Bette Midler, Tony Bennett, k.d.lang, Diana Krall and more

Bette Midler - Kiss My Brass -2004
Photo: Steve Weiner
Bette midler kiss my brass 2004<br > photo steve weiner

Mister D: I’m of two minds on this. I just can’t believe there would be real young crowds at most of these. Bette really does attract a wide range of ages, and frankly, I’m so focused on her, that I tune everybody else out. I wish I knew who she considers young. I’m one of those that never lose my temper except maybe every 10 years and if you’ve never seen pent up rage before, it’s a sight to see. Barry usually says something if people are obnoxious. We went to see Aretha Franklin some time within the last 5 years at the Ryman Theater which is very famous and known for its acoustics. it’s rather small. Aretha’s “Respect” was the first single I bought as a kid in the 60’s and I have a good many of her records. This pack of girls came in and sat behind some other people with one being behind Barry, none behind me. They were late, Aretha was singing, they talked and talked and talked, then they’d sing real loud for a little. Nobody said anything. I think I had recently gotten out of a nice two-week stay at a mental facility, where they kept saying to “use your anger” although I don’t think they meant it in the way I did or maybe they did. I couldn’t take it anymore so I turned around and said “Hey! All 4 of you fuckers. They all looked at me and I said, if any of you open your mouth again, I will fucking go get the usher and have you kicked out. And don’t test me.” (I think Barry was a little turned on seeing this aggressive side. LOL) I turned around to watch Aretha and Barry said, I’ve never seen you do anything like that before, and I said: “Well, it’s a new day!” Then the girls, I’d say early ’30s, got loud again, and I turned around and said, “I warned you motherfuckers what I would do if you didn’t shut up.” Somebody said they weren’t scared of me. I said, “change of plans. I’m coming back there and I’m going to fuck ya’ll up. Don’t think I won’t slap those drinks out of your hand and stand right in front of you the whole time. People didn’t come to hear ya’ll yap or sing out of tune. But if you’re going to play it that way, I’m coming.” The Ryman was a church originally, so you sit in pews. I got up on my seat and put one leg over on their row. And I said I’m not afraid to come back there and smack you. Barry was smiling or laughing by then. I don’t ever think I’ve ever hit anyone in my life. Anyway, they got real quiet and they shut up for the rest of the show. And then I was like, OMG, did you hear me? For some reason, I felt great. I don’t think I’ve gone to a concert since,,, not sure. But that is not verbatim what I said, but very close. I might have used more graphic language. It was a rough stay in the hospital, like something out of a nightmare or One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and I swore I would never go back again. And I haven’t. I put all my rage in writing now and it works. I have almost no anger in me anymore and I feel happy for once. Okay, enough about me, let’s see what this lady is talking about.

Concerts no longer worth it due to young, rude fans

I was recently in New York City at a Tony Bennett concert. People had their phones out all over the place. Some were recording videos. They were up and down … mostly up, even getting drinks. This wasn’t in a tent somewhere. This was Radio City Music Hall.

The same thing happens here; k.d. lang in Jacksonville, Bette Midler and Diana Krall in Portland. Everyone seems to feel free to yell, stomp, hum along and have no regard for the people who would like to hear the entertainer.

No one has taught the young any kind of acceptable audience behavior.

So, sadly, I am through. I won’t be seeing Garth Brooks. He will be shouted down anyway. I will let Alexa play him for me. Don’t dismiss me because I am old. I’m the gal who worked for many years and can afford the tickets.

Marjorie Harris, Eugene

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