Mister D Has Been Working In The Background Of The Bootleg Betty Website

Bette Midler - The Typist
Me and nicola working behind the scenes

Just wanted to let those who read or come to the Bette Midler: Bootleg Betty website, that I have been working in the background to make some changes. There will be a lot more coming.

The site looked like it had gotten hacked the other day, so it was blank for me, I thought that was it for me, Fifteen years just down the drain, but Barry, being an expert on computers found I had sloppily moved some really important folders into the wrong place. Thank you Barry.

I did notice some pages lost their formatting when I modernized the theme of Bootleg Betty. I corrected the Bette! TV Series page. The videos are a little big, but all episodes are intact. To download the page easier I’ll probably have to shrink the video size a bit, To get to that page: Click Here

I am going to be moving all the links on the right side of the webpage to the menus bar at the top of the page, You just hover over words such as Social Media and you will see a bunch of Bette Midler social media sites come up. Click on the one you want to get to. Or you might hover over MUSIC…the jukebox, karaoke sections, or discography may show up. It’s the blue menu bar towards the top of the page. Some things I will let remain on the right side of the page. The reason I’m moving a lot of stuff on the right-hand side to the menu bar is that it’s slowing down the downloading process of the web page.

Be sure to look at all the links on the right side for now. There is good information there. Be sure to subscribe just in case you miss something. And be sure to use the Bootleg Betty search engine. No telling what you might find.

I have made an Upcoming Events Page that you can find in the upper menu. You will also see it on the right side of the front page. I have a few things to add, but I’ll get them there.

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    1. Thanks Judy! I miss you’ After losing another cat within a year, I just feel too vulnerable to be on Facebook or Twitter

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