Video Parodies Of Bette Midler From Aussie’s Fast Forward Sketch Show (1989-1992)

Featuring “Kath And Kim” Stars, Jane Turner and Gina Riley – Hilarious

Gina Riley impersonating Bette Midler
Gina riley impersonating bette midler

Fast Forward was noted for its fast-paced satirical comedy which particularly lampooned the media, in particular film and TV, with its precise parodies of well-known television shows (such as Kung Fu, Lost In Space, The Munsters, and A Current Affair), personalities (such as Clive James, Jana Wendt, Derryn Hinch and Geoffrey Robertson) and commercials (such as for American Express and Nescafé).

Fast Forward was also well known for its excellent musical parodies, particularly of current music video clips, many of which featured Gina Riley. Some of the better-known music parodies included Bette Midler, Annie Lennox, ABBA, Cher and Dannii Minogue.

The two female stars, Jane Turner and Gina Riley, in the following two videos, went on to star in the mega-popular Australian TV series, “Kath & Kim”, which also is a cult hit here in the United States. I believe you can find the show on Netflix now.

Send up of Wind Beneath My Wings – Jane Turner and Gina Riley (Bette Midler)

Send up of From A Distance – Jane Turner & Gina Riley (Bette Midler)

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One thought on “Video Parodies Of Bette Midler From Aussie’s Fast Forward Sketch Show (1989-1992)

  1. Ha ha! I hate to see anyone poking fun at the Divine Miss M, but then again I love anything produced with context to her. I think this is “tastfully” fun like a G rated roast:-) Had me cracking up!

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