Here Come the Meaningless, Celebrity Endorsements From Mister D, Bette Midler, Cher, Jason Mraz, Janelle Monae, And Others

Who did Bette Midler endorse?
Who did bette midler endorse

Celebrity political endorsements mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things: If Beyonce’s 11th-hour endorsement of Beto O’Rourke couldn’t nab him the senate race in 2018, then how powerful can any of the plebian ones be, really? But with these public proclamations, stars do manage to at least remind their less tuned in fans that an election is happening, and if that gets some people to consider their candidate of choice, then hey, mission partially accomplished.

It’s a presidential election year, which means celebrities are coming out of the woodwork to remind us that they are politically engaged every four years. Since most celebs live in California, Super Tuesday was a particularly visible day for the celebrities to show off their support, even if they already publically endorsed their candidate of choice weeks ago. While Sanders has enjoyed the lion’s share of celebrity endorsements, some other candidates have had a few of their own:

In the Bernie Sanders corner, we have…

Don Bradshaw aka Mister D aka Travis Trickle aka The Gay Pundit (I’m Hot)

Don Bradshaw aka Mister D aka Travis Trickle aka The Gay Pundit ?

@BernieSanders is Hot! I’m Hot! Susan Sarandon’s Hot. Mark Ruffalo Really Hot! Milla Jovovich is Hot! Jack Nicholson is Icon Hot! Chloë Sevigny is Hot! Sarah Silverman is Hot! Lady Bunny is Hot! Miley Cyrus is Hot! Cardi B is Hot! Ariana Grande is Hot! Lizzo is Hot! Neil Young is Hot! Cris V is Hot! Being For Bernie Sanders is Hot!

In other words: *

If You Ain’t For Bernie, You Ain’t Hot!, And That Ain’t Cool! Kiss My Ass!

*The only non-Sanders supporter that is HOT is Bette Midler. She is the only exception. The rest of you are trolls.

Kirsten Dunst, who is feeling the Bern.

Kirsten Dunst for Sanders

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth baking a leftist cake.

Emily Ratajkowski being hot.

Emily Ratajkowsk for Bernie Sanders

Jason Mraz, who is unable to fill in a bubble:

Dua Lipa, who is not American, but is concerned!

Dua Lipa For Sanders

And for Elizabeth Warren, we’ve got…

Janelle Monae (Mister D: Is this an endorsement or a typing exercise?)

Nick Offerman with an interesting “I voted” sticker approach.

Nick Offerman for Sanders

And Super Tuesday’s big winner,Joe Biden…

There was Cher: (Mister D: But does Obama know Joe has dementia?)

And Keegan Michael Key of Key and Peele fame.

Keegan Michael Key for Biden

As for Michael Bloomberg…

It seems as if the only celeb really stanning Bloomberg’s on Super Tuesday was Bette Midler, who… remembers 9/11. (Mister D: I could reel off a lot of fans that would’ve voted for him just because Bette did…easily)

Bette Midler For Mike Bloomberg!
Bette midler for mike bloomberg
Bette Midler for Bloomberg

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